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About Us



AOT - Is a small business out of Texas that makes custom Chatter Blade Baits for Fishermen.  With over 40 years experience as a Tournament Angler, Guide & Fisherman, we know what you want when it comes to fishing & lure designs.



Custom Made Blade Baits & Jigs with Quality components, better speed clips, heavy split rings, 50+ Strand Skirts, Imaginative Colors, Multiple Blade only to your imagination.   All in great custom colors & configurations.



Because, who really wants to PAY $12-$22 RETAIL for a single blade bait that is designed to catch fishermen....NOT FISH!  At AOT, our lures are built by us & fished by us.  We KNOW they work, plus their made in TEXAS....not CHINA or MEXICO.....everyone knows everything is bigger & better in TEXAS!